About The Author- Mohammad Yasir

Hello! My name is Mohammad Yasir, and I am very excited to be working as the Assistant Editor at HeavenlyFindz. I have a master's degree in Interior Design from Amity University in Delhi, and I have more than 6 years of hands-on experience in creating beautiful living spaces. My passion for crafting stunning environments and sharing my knowledge with others is what drives me every day.

My Personal Life

Originally from Delhi, India, my family and I moved to Lucknow to escape the city's increasing pollution and congestion. Before my role at HeavenlyFindz, I worked for three years at an interior design firm, where I specialized in designing beautiful environments for cafes, homes, and restaurants. Although I loved the work, the demanding hours eventually led me to seek new opportunities.

In my free time, I enjoy various hobbies, including reading, gardening, playing football, cooking, and spending quality time with my loved ones. My journey as a content creator started with a home improvement blog, which I managed for several years before closing it down due to a disagreement with my partner.

Now, as part of the HeavenlyFindz team, I am committed to providing readers with valuable insights and tips on DIYs, renovation, eco-friendly decoration, and decor hacks. I am excited to continue sharing my passion for interior design and home improvement with our audience.